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Taste it - Feel it - Live it

Because of some restrictions of shipping CBD -NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN CANADA or the following US States:South Dakota / Iowa / Idaho / Nebraska

Hemp-Cafe Certificate of Analysis

Contains 20 8oz Servings per bag.

CBD from broad spectrum hemp

·100% Arabica Coffee

·10mg CBD per serving

·Contains all helpful phytocannabinoids minus THC

·Phytocannabinoids are known to assist our natural Endocannabinoids (ECS)

·ECS is primarily in the Nervous System - Like receptors assisting all other systems

Hemp-Cafe Certificate of Analysis

reviewed by Thomas T on Jul 06 2020 12:57:00 AM

Great tasting coffee and it actually takes the edge off of my pain with a torn meniscus and adductor muscle. Calming yet energizing at the same time.

reviewed by Mary Ann M on Jul 03 2020 11:14:24 AM

This is a new highlight in our “Culbeans Beverage Station”. One or two cups, on a day of painful challenges, enhances my feeling of wellbeing while enjoying coffee. Your products are awesome.

reviewed by Lisa B on Apr 27 2020 07:58:23 AM

I have drank the Hemp Cafe for a week. I really like the taste. It does not have a bitter or after taste to it. It has given me much more energy than my normal brand of coffee. Lover it!

reviewed by Jacquelyn H on Apr 21 2020 07:13:32 AM

I absolutely love the smooth taste, not bitter. I've been dealing with back pain and back aches for years because of job related stress. I feel great and sleep better too!

reviewed by Becky K on Apr 10 2020 02:30:14 PM

I am drinking your hemp coffee right now...it tastes as good as the Black Bold!

reviewed by Angie B on Apr 10 2020 02:30:14 PM

I've been doing my best for years to manage my symptoms of a well-known condition that affects my bones and muscles.  Most days I deal with chronic pain throughout my body.  My friend gave me a weeks worth of samples and I felt better day one!  I can enjoy my coffee now.  It makes my day so much better along with the Shrums capsules too!

reviewed by Gabriela T on Apr 12 2020 02:56:34 PM

The Hemp coffee is delicious!  I didn't have creamer so I drank it black with cane sugar.  I'm amazed how smooth it is!  I've tried other hemp coffee before and I gagged at the taste and bitterness.  I'm definitely ordering more Cülbeans Hemp Cafe.

reviewed by Covy F on Apr 12 2020 08:47:21 PM

I'm amazed! I suffer from chronic back pain and drank one cup just to experience the flavor.  20 Min later I'm driving home and noticed I had no back pain! I couldn't believe it!  Tried another cup a week later thinking it might of been a fluke... my back pain went away again!

reviewed by Margie B on Apr 03 2020 01:36:55 PM

Awesome and delicious!

reviewed by Mackie H on Apr 12 2020 02:56:34 PM

Before trying this coffee I was constantly anxious and jittery on a daily basis. After 1 cup of this amazing Hemp coffee, I couldn't believe how relaxed and calm I was for an entire day.

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