Soluble Powdered Coffee

Convenience without compromising quality and taste

We take our premium Soluble Powdered Coffee Line very seriously. Quality and taste is important and you’ll notice we take careful steps to ensure full satisfaction.

After roasting to just before the second crack, we grind our beans and prep for the steeping process. Much like a French press, we load our extraction process with coffee beans and add water that is held at exactly 190 degrees.

We then press the liquid from the beans and end up with coffee syrup that only has the heart of the bean, that incredible 14% where all the flavors and aromas thrive. We then use our proprietary safe dry process which gives you an amazing fresh tasting gourmet experience.

All you have to do is… Open – Pour into your favorite cup – Add 8oz hot water – Stir - Enjoy

Mushrooms make a Big difference

Odorless – Tasteless – but Powerful

While the popularity and demand for medicinal mushrooms are increasing daily, all mushrooms suppliers are not created equal. People are continuing to learn and experience the power of medicinal mushrooms and all the health benefits they can provide. As a result of their growing popularity, you can find numerous companies wanting to get a piece of the pie. We have been working with medicinal mushrooms since 2008 and carefully source mushrooms only grown here in the USA in a controlled environment to help avoid heavy metals or pollutants. Our mushrooms are full Spectrum myco-products, so you receive benefits produced throughout the entire life cycle of the organism.


The impact of CBD

Coffee Enhanced with Hemp

Naturally, CBD has become a high demand worldwide and with reason. Understanding its potential for overall health and well-being can open many doors of hope for countless people.

Our CBD is derived from Broad Spectrum Hemp. That means it contains all the helpful phytocannabinoids to assist our natural endocannabinoid system (ECS) within our bodies, minus the THC. So you will not get a “high” from our CBD, only the essential ingredients to support our ECS naturally. ECS is primarily found in our nervous system and acts like receptors aiding all other systems.

The Couple Behind the Coffee

At the end of 2004, Carrie’s father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After losing his battle in only 3 months, this outcome immediately turned her life into a whirlwind of research to find alternatives for naturally assisting our body’s immune system. She had learned about a mushroom called Reishi and its amazing history in natural medicine. She also discovered that scientists and doctors praised its health benefits for the body. Carrie has spent 14+ years working with and perfecting the concept of adding this and other beneficial mushrooms to coffee and tea.

Victor and Carrie met and fell in love in 2012. Victor brought all the missing pieces needed to create their dream together. With his knowledge and experience in owning successful IT businesses for over 30 years as well as decades of experience in direct sales companies…he and Carrie became the perfect team.

Along with staying active, enjoying good food and traveling the world…their passion and hearts lie with Cülbeans. They believe in their product and their company and truly want to help enhance others’ lives, one cup at a time.